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Get A Website At Unbelievable Prices!


INR  5K /year
  • Online Business Information
  • 5 Pages Website
  • 1 year domain.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Business Card Designing (Only Designing)
  • Marketplace Listing.
  • Google Listing.
  • Logo Designing


INR 10K /year
  • Complete Business Information with Dedicated pages
  • customized web development
  • 1 Year premium Domain
  • 10 Landing pages
  • Blog Section on Demand
  • Dynamic Website
  • Backend On Demand*
  • Digital Marketing Enabled
  • One Time Business Consultancy
  • One Year Full Management
  • Professional Email
  • Unique & Eye Catching Design
  • Logo & Business Card(only Desing)
  • Online Chatting Functions
  • Google Listing.


INR  20K /year

  • Premium Domain For 1 Year
    • 1 Explainer video
    • Facebook, Youtube, twitter,instagram channels open
    • Fully Customized & Dedicated Website management
    • 10 Landing pages
    • Online Payment Gateway
    • Service/Product Online Selling
    • 2 Time Business Expert Advice in a year
    • Professional Email
    • Professional And Compelling Standardized Design
    • Google Listing/Marketplace Featured Listing
    • Professional Email
    • Unique & Eye Catching Design
    • Logo & Business Card listing
    • Domain Protection
    • SSL Certificate(Shared)
    • Dedicated VPS Server
    • Five Content Infographics
    • Customer Support On Internet
    • Online Chat Function


INR  30K* /year                         

  • Premium Domain For 1 Year
    • 2 Explainer video
    • Fully Branded Social Channels
    • Fully Customized & Dedicated Website management
    • Dedicated Development
    • Dedicated Server
    • SEO* & SMO* [Services Included]
    • Functionality On Customer Demand
    • SMO [Free For One Campaign]
    • Unlimited Online Product Selling
    • Dedicated Business Care
    • Dedicated Web management
    • Social Pre-branded include - 1000 Likes | 1000 insta | 1000 Twitter
    • Backend & Frontend Architecture
    • Advanced Responsive & Unique Design
    • Google Listing / Featured Marketing Listing
    • Logo and Business Card
    • Premium DNS System
    • Dedicated Authorized SSL
    • Content marketing Supported System and additional content editing editing service
    • 5 Content Infographics
    • Online Chatting Function
    • Online Customer Interaction
    • 360 Degree view virtual tour*


Have a look on our some of great features you're getting...

Websites For Professionals

We provide the featured websites which makes the works of professionals like teachers, Doctors , Advocates and Architects very easy and responsive.



1. Online Teaching
2. Website
3. Youtube Channel
5. Smart Class and Special Skills
6. Passive income source
7. Student notification system



1. Online Advertisement
2. online ticketing
3. Youtube channel
4. passive income by youtube .



1. Online client appointment.
2. Online fees structure
3. Youtube channel
4. Digital marketing
5. Social media maketing

Websites For Institutions

World is moving with supersonic speed but our education techniques are till eras old. Now its time to change the working of our education systems and become high tech and make learning easy and fun.



1. Lecture recordings.
2. web site
3. Online Attendence
4. Student online account
5. chatting portal for parents
6. Youttube channel for schools 


Coaching Institutes                         

1. Get your coaching online
2. Digital Marketing 
3. online student registration and fees submit.
4. Lecture recording
5. Student login


Dance Academies

1. Get Found Online
2. Youtube channel
3. Online Teaching classes
4. Let World Wide People Join You
5. Meet New Aspirants
6. Explore B2B Oportunities.

  1. SaaS/PaaS/IaaS - D Badaun group is a fully Information Technology Company capable to provide your business cloud servers as per your need. It can serve you software as a service, platform as a service and Infrastructure as a service as per you demand.
  2. OFF THE SELF - With our various cloud solutions, we can provide off the self mobile applications which can quickly replace your business that common process with cloud automation dramatically reducing TAT.
  3. DEDICATED APP DEVELOP - We understand your business is unique and, however, every business may have special requirement that steered us to build customized websites, cloud softwares and mobiles app.
  4. WEBSITES FOR EVERY NEED - We're up with missionary spirit to take everyone on the cloud, hence our customized USP provides websites from lowest minimum cost to dedicated frameworks. 

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That's Why Your Websites Are Unique..

Eye-catching Look

D Badaun Group web-developing service are designed by industry leading experts of UI/UX.

Mobile Friendly

All sites you make with D Badaun Group are mobile-friendly. You don't have to create a special mobile version of your site.

Unique Styles

Our Sites are offered with unique styles and heritage for the customers. Enjoy the uniqueness being with us.